Become a Dealer

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Rent Your Lot

Become a Physical Display Lot Dealer

This is a business opportunity where the Dealer has intentions on having one or more physical display lots with sample buildings for customers to gather ideas for customizing a more accurate fit for their needs, which includes thousands of variables that makes it very simple to quote and order online either on there own or with the help of a sales associate in person or remote.

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What will you provide the dealers?

We will provide your customers with the best quality buildings in the state. We provide gravel pads for the buildings if necessary, we will provide the website with accurate pricing and estimate abilities, Sales Support, and Call Handoffs, Site checks. We provide the handling of the customer funds including financing and Rent to Own programs. We will provide commissions immediately after the building has been built and delivered to the customers’ property.

Rent your Outdoor Space to us

We may have an interest in Renting your outdoor space for our Display buildings. This may help drive traffic into an existing or near by business as well. Depending on many factors it may or may not be feasible for us to check out and invest in putting buildings in your location.

Contact us for details!