Flex Lease / Rent to Own Financing

For Portable Buildings

Sheds, Cabins, Garages & Barns


NO Credit Checks – Simple Application

Many people in Wisconsin find themselves in a situation where they’re renting storage space on a monthly basis. Our flex lease, rent to own sheds is a perfect solution to help you eventually get out of needing to make monthly payments for storage. In addition to the monthly savings, you can experience the convenience of having a storage barn right at your own home. Plus, your rent to own shed could be used for many other purposes besides storage. If you’re already paying for storage you have nothing to lose.

Figure out the monthly payment amount on your new rent to own shed by using our simple calculator. If you still need shed prices please request a free quote or download our backyard shed price list.

For a new custom-built building please design it first in our shed design center and then choose purchase options and select Rent to Own, this way it submits your building automatically as an order in your application. We have yet to see anyone be declined. FLEXLEASE, RENT TO OWN TODAY!!

FlexLease / Rent to Own Sheds/ Portable Buildings – NO CREDIT CHECK

You’re guaranteed to be happy when you lease with Sheds Delivered FlexLease program. Get the building you want (up to $15,000) with no credit check and payments that make sense. When the term is up, you own the building…it’s all yours!

  • No impact on your credit score – we don’t even pull it!
  • You own the unit at the end of the term. Apply online or in-person
  • Guaranteed approval for qualified applicants—instantly!
  • Low down payment
  • Flexible payment terms: 24, 36, 48, and 60 months available
  • Control your budget with fixed payments
  • 90 days, same-as-cash
  • Options for early buyout, cancellation, or upgrades
  • No penalty for early turn-in


Things to know about Rent-to-Own Financing

When your Rent to own financing term is up, you own the portable building…it’s all yours!

  • RTO National requires your first and last months payment on contracts 36/48/60 month. Only the 1st payment on a 24-month flex lease prior to delivery of your building. Your last month is held in deposit and will be applied to your last payment in your contract or payoff amount. Ask about our 90 days same as cash offer.
  • We give instant approval with completion of all rental information and receipt of your initial payment. You can choose your payment options with terms from 24 months up to 60 months.
  • Five (5) easy options for making payments: online, via phone, auto draft, mail payment or by calling an account representative.
  • You can pay off your rent-to-own contract at any time with no penalties. RTO National provides a discount from your contract balance based on the number of payments you have made.
  • We have great customer service plans designed to make your life easier and help you stay current.hat are you waiting for get your rent to own shed, rent to own garage, rent to own cabin, rent to own barn, rend to own portable buildings today!