Free Building Delivery & Setup for the Entire State of WISCONSIN

Free if you purchase a Brand New Building using our Online Configurator.
Do you need a private or Used Skid Building Moved? Contact Us at

We are NOW shipping to parts of Michigan & Illinois. See Map Below. The fee may apply when Submitting for a Quote (It does not apply by saving a design to your email) by inputting your delivery zip code address using our configurator at 3D Online Shed Builder

Please Note: Our 3D building configurator is accurate for delivery fee’s. The Maps below is an estimate.

Service Locations

Medford WI Display Lot - 24/7 Self Serve

24/7 Self Serve - Only by request salesperson will meet. Call 715-255-6500

Sheds Delivered ~ Medford
W5424 Apple Ave, Medford, WI 54451