Terms of Service

Terms of Service and Conditions

This Agreement is between the purchasing customer (referred to as “Customer” within this document) and Sheds Delivered, all its staff, subcontractors, manufacturers, agents, and affiliates (referred to as “SD” within this document).

Building and Payments Prior to Delivery

  1. The customer understands this agreement can also be read and printed at https://www.shedsdelivered.com/terms-of-service
  2. Payments are payable to “Sheds Delivered” and sent to N9508 Catlin Ave Loyal WI, 54446
  3. Customer understands that buildings can take approximately a few days to one (1) or many weeks to be constructed and delivered. Any special order products, materials and services may take much longer. Unfortunately,  with the COVID-19 pandemic, we strive to be close with our build and delivery times. However, while we work with many product vendors and partners this may be impacted and outside of our control.
  4. The customer understands that the measurements of SDs’ buildings are approximate and not precise.
  5. The customer alone is liable for getting relevant permits and for being compliant with all local ordinances and covenants. SD isn’t in charge of such responsibilities.
  6. Please send check ASAP and any remainder balance due at least within two weeks prior to delivery to permit the check to process and clear. Our delivery driver’s are 3rd party and not responsible for taking payments. We do not allow payments day of or after delivery.
  7. The customer understands that SD could collect the remaining payment directly by transferring funds electronically from the Customer’s account.
  8. The customer understands that any payment created by a non-sufficient fund (NSF) check entitles SD to charge and receive the utmost fee allowed by law.

Installation, Responsibility, and Schedule

  1. It’s the Customer’s responsibility to decide on a location for the storage building, properly prepare the location and lay grade foundation.
  2. It’s the Customer’s responsibility to clear the trail all the way to the location as well as obstacles like trees, power lines, phone cables, cable lines, fences, etc., or anything that will hinder the delivery method.
  3. If the customer desires to have the storage building set on a gravel pad, it’s the Customer’s responsibility to find, purchase and place the gravel. The pad must be absolutely level to forestall twisting, bowing, sagging, and settling. SD isn’t responsible for harm caused by an improperly prepared foundation. SD recommends a screed rail system (a laser-guided type system that produces level concrete floors while trying hand-held floater screeds). SD additionally recommends exploring the use of class five (5) road gravel or granite fines.
  4. The customer is responsible for scheduling the delivery of the building. If the foundation for the building is incomplete or improperly ready or if necessary permissions haven’t been secured by the customer, the building won’t be delivered as scheduled and also the customer will be liable for paying the price of returning the building to the manufacturing plant and any future re delivery expenses.
  5. The customer should be obtainable on site or by phone at all times on the day the storage building is scheduled to be delivered.
  6. If SD or the delivery vehicle and trailer must cross into a neighboring property for successful delivery, it’s the Customer’s responsibility to get permission.
  7. Neither SD or the delivery company and driver are liable for any damages that could occur to any items or property throughout delivery and installation of the storage building.
  • Damages include, however, are not restricted to: anything below, on, or above the Customer’s property and neighboring property. Damage conjointly encompasses, however, isn’t restricted to: lawns, trees, bushes, flower gardens, fences, concrete walkways, driveways, concrete pads, septic tanks, sprinklers, drains, and electrical systems.
  • If the delivery truck, trailer, or the shed mule ought to become stuck while placing the storage building on the location, the services of a tow truck or wrecker could also be needed. If this is the case, the customer is liable for the cost of the tow truck or wrecker and other related expenses.
  • If anyone, as well as the customer, chooses to assist install or unload the storage building and is injured throughout the delivery or installation method, SD isn’t liable for the injuries sustained by the customer or any other person volunteering to help.
  • If the delivery vehicle and trailer cause harm to a neighboring property, the customer is liable for compensating for the damage or loss sustained, expenses incurred, etc. and will not hold SD liable for any claims of damages, as well as the cost of defense.
  • If the weather is unhealthy or the ground is wet or muddy, the customer ought to think about rescheduling delivery, remembering that neither SD or the delivery company and driver is liable for property damage.

Repair Services

  • At times a building can be damaged during delivery and installation and it is up to the customer to report such issue within 5 business days. It then will be added to a service request log to schedule a time when a service repair man is in your area. All service repairs and product warranties will be turned over and then handled directly with the manufacturing facility your building had built from. Please do not try to repair of fix on your own without our knowledge first as this could void any warranties.  We may request pictures and a serial number to verify what the original building materials list.

Changes and Cancellations

  • If changes or cancellation occurs after 5 days of an order/payment, a restocking/rescheduling or cancellation fee may apply.

Acknowledgement of Acceptance

The customer acknowledges the receipt of this Agreement, has read it entirely and understands it fully, and accepts all the above terms, conditions and service. Thanks for choosing Sheds Delivered for your outdoor building needs!

Our Garage Sheds Quality Features

Heavy Duty Pressure Treated Floor System (joists 12” on center)

36” “house-type” door w/ 9 lite window

8×7 garage door

Diamond plated garage door threshold

24″x36″ Window w/ Shutters

All of our garage sheds are built with the following quality features. The quality materials and construction methods we use in our garages help to ensure that your garage shed will continue to perform over many years of wear and tear.

Customize Your Garage Shed

Choose Siding & Trim Paint Colors

Choose Asphalt Shingle Colors

Optional Heavy-Duty Pressure Treated Plywood Floor

Optional Metal Roofing

Optional Pressure Treated Ramp

You will be the one using your garage shed for many years. That’s why we give you the option to customize your building in ways that will make it work better for you. If you’re looking for options not listed here please contact us. We would be happy to discuss it with you.



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Step 3: Add Features (Electric, Lofts, Windows, Shutters, Flowerboxes, Doors, Garage Doors)

Step 4: Choose Colors (Roof, Siding, Trim, Shutters, Doors)

Step 5: Save your Design (Sends a Design Link to your email, so you can make final changes at a later date)

Step 6: Order Online (Cash, Check, Credit Card, Finance or Rent to Own - Flex Lease)

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