9 Features you should consider in a Wood Storage Shed

When browsing for portable outdoor storage buildings for sale you’ll find that wood storage shed builders have different ways of doing things. They also have different standard features that are built into every shed. When doing your research, pay attention to the standard features and any additional options that the builder may offer. If you do your research well and make your decisions based on features rather than cost, you’ll up end with an prefabricated building that will serve you well for many years. Here is a list of 9 features that you should expect in your new shed.

1. Lifetime Roof Shingles

Your wood storage shed is only as good as its roof. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure that the roofing materials used will stand up to many years of exposure to sun and rain.

2. 5/8” Floor Plywood

In order to end up with a superior quality floor you should expect floor plywood with a thickness of 3/4″. This feature is especially important in garage sheds and will help to ensure that you get a rugged floor that stands up to heavy use for many years.

3. 2×4 Wall Studs 16” on Center

This is a standard construction feature in all new housing and should be applied to outbuildings as well. 16” on center (as opposed to 24” on center) helps to ensure that the exterior plywood (and interior if the interior is finished) lays nice and flat without warping over time. It also makes for a nice solid wall that is easy to insulate using the most commonly available fiberglass insulation width.

4. Rot-Resistant Siding and Trim

The exterior siding and trim should be manufactured to stand up to the harshest weather conditions since this is the part that will take the hardest beating from the rain and sun. While a good coat of paint is important, siding that is not made to weather well will only become a maintenance headache. Look for siding with a 50 year rating.

5. Ventilation

For the same reasons as mentioned above, all outdoor buildings should come with ventilation. Vents in the gable and along the roof ridge help to remove hot air that would otherwise build up inside the shed.

6. Wider Door Options

Your storage shed is only as useful as the doors that allow you and your belongings to get inside. Make sure the shed your thinking about buying has doors that are wide enough for anything that you might need to place into storage.

7. 25 year Rated Paint

Paint plays a major role in protecting the outside of your wood shed and keeping it looking good. While your shed should eventually be repainted as part of routine maintenance, making sure that the builder uses quality paint is an important part of reducing your workload in the long run.

8. Pressure Treated 4×6 Runners

The runners will serve as the foundation of your new wood shed, so you’ll want to make sure that the runners are pressure treated to prevent rot and decay. An extra bonus is if a builder uses 4×6 runners rather than 4×4 runners which helps to strengthen the floor of the shed.

9. Pressure Treated 2×4 Floor Joists 12” on Center

Just like the runners, the floor joists are a part of the foundation of your wood shed. Pressure treated floor joists are important because the underside of the storage shed may be exposed to moisture from rain and wet grass. The floor joists should be a minimum of 16” on center which is ideal for most uses. If you’re planning to store very heavy items on your floor such as a vehicle 12” on center for the floor joists is perfect for you.

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